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Erik Erik Sep 26, 2016

Where to Watch the Presidential Debate Online

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2016-presidential-debateThe first 2016 Presidential Debate is airing tonight at 9pm EST. If you have over-the-air TV or a TV subscription, figuring out where to watch it isn’t too much of a concern because the debate will available on all of the major broadcast networks. However, with nearly 1.4 million fewer pay-TV subscribers in the second quarter of 2016 compared to the second quarter of 2015, you may be looking for live streaming options online. Here’s a superfriendly list of streaming options from Papercut!

Social Media Live Streaming

The big news for this presidential debate is that both Facebook and Twitter will be live streaming directly within their platforms.


Many news organizations will be providing free streams via the Facebook Live service, which debuted back in April of this year. However, we’ve noticed that trying to find a direct link to watch the debate on Facebook is difficult. The one news organization that got out ahead of the press was ABC News. ABC posted a press release on Tumblr with little additional information, other than directing viewers to their Facebook page. This looks like a new attempt by many news organizations to utilize Facebook Live, but it probably isn’t ready for primetime. Our recommendation is to stay away from Facebook’s feed unless you want to troubleshoot during the debate. If you do want to brave Facebook for a video stream of the debate, head on over to the ABC News Facebook Page.


Twitter’s livestream of the debate is a welcome addition as well. Tweeting during live TV has long been a favorite activity of the platform’s users. If you are an avid Twitter user, this could be a great way to stream the debate. Check out the Twitter livestream (it’s provided by Bloomberg TV) later this evening.


YouTube is easily the most popular source for online video. Several news organizations are providing live streams here as well. Below are links to each respective news organization. One interesting note: NBC News is the only one that has a scheduled live stream on YouTube. If you plan on using YouTube, we’d recommend using the NBC News stream.

Other Online Streaming Options

Several news organizations are also providing streams on their own sites. Below is a list with links to each streaming location for tonight’s debate:

Tune In!

It’s amazing that now, even without a cable subscription, you can stream a live event like this for free on the Internet. We hope that you watch the debate tonight and that you’ll all head to the polls on Election Day to cast your vote.


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