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World Leader in Asphalt Technology

Beginning as a paving manufacturer in 1981, Roadtec has become a world leader in asphalt technology. At Papercut, we not only got to build their new site, but also got to drive one of their big paving machines!

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Form and Function Collide

Roadtec’s sleek, black-and-red-themed site design puts their products in the driver’s seat and keeps their unparalleled customer service and training up front, as well.

With the click of a button, visitors can locate a rep near them, get 24x7 support and perform complex math, like calculating paving speed or how many trucks will be needed per hour for a job. And expanding drawers of information keep pages clutter free, putting only the information users need in front of them.

To serve their international client base, Roadtec’s site has to deliver in a variety of languages. To accomplish this, we integrated with a third-party tool that automatically translates updates made via the content management system.

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