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A Remix of Papercut Blog Classics

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We combed through our collection to retrieve blog posts that have stood the test of time. Skim our list of past gems to find the digital marketing help you need!

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ADA & Your Website: Why You Should Pay Attention

Strategy & ResearchWeb Design & Development

Your website may need to be ADA compliant starting next year. Are you ready? Download our handy checklist to be sure.

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Where Do I Begin with an SEO Audit?

SEOStrategy & ResearchOptimization

An SEO audit can be taxing, if you don't know where to begin. We'll help you take the first steps!

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Four Ways to Improve Your Page Speed with a Site Audit

Strategy & Research

Site speed is an important ranking factor. Find out four simple ways to improve your page speed and usability with a website audit.

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Writing Copy for the Web Reader

SEOStrategy & ResearchOptimization

We don't read web content the same way we read print. Learn to craft copy to keep readers engaged.

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Do Google Reviews Matter?

SEOStrategy & ResearchOptimization

Do Google reviews matter? It’s a valid question with a complicated answer. Here’s our take on reviews in 2016.

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