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Automated Marketing

Papercut will take the effort out of your marketing by putting automated workflows in place. After we’ve freed you from the repetitive and laborious tasks that eat up your time, you can focus on what requires the most brain power.

We’ll use automated marketing to nurture your leads with:

Email Marketing | Display Retargeting | Social Retargeting | Automated SMS Messages

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Our automated marketing services include:

  • Communication strategy
  • Editorial calendars
  • Email automation
  • Email template design and development
  • Copywriting
  • Display ad creation
  • Funnel automation
  • Reporting and analysis

Creating an automated marketing funnel using multiple channels like social media, display, and email is what we like to call integrated behavioral retargeting. We’ll analyze your online conversion funnel and create a series of messages that communicate your value proposition. Messaging the user at specifically the right time in their buying process to convince them to purchase your product, schedule your service, or just get in contact with you.

With display and social retargeting, we’ll use your existing list to target leads and bring them back to your website. This can be especially useful for ecommerce websites and to create buzz about your brand in a big way.

Email is the consistently underestimated champion of return on investment. Creating a successful email campaign means understanding your brand, your goals, and your target audiences. It also means creating a compelling email design.

Papercut invests the time necessary to help you grow your business through automated marketing and turn existing contacts into repeat customers.

I want to make automation work for me!

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