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Analytics Review

It’s no secret – analytics are complicated. Accurate site data is crucial to making informed marketing decisions, but it can be difficult to cut through the clutter and determine which metrics really matter. Our team is Google Analytics Certified, and we can help you make sense of the numbers to drill down to the information you really need.

We’ll help you start from the ground up, including:

  • Google Analytics Account Setup & Configuration – We can create your Google Analytics account, share access with decision makers at your business, and add filters to ensure that your numbers are as accurate and actionable as possible. We’ll also add conversion tracking to help you better understand how your site is impacting your business. Need help with your Google Search Console or AdWords setup? We’ve got those covered, too.
  • Reporting – Mining your analytics data for actionable insights takes time. Our team can create monthly reports that detail your site’s overall performance, traffic, and trends. We’ll highlight spikes and dips, discuss possible causes for shifts, and identify areas for improvement to boost your conversions.
  • Analytics Consulting – Do your numbers look off to you? Sometimes it takes another set of eyes to see the full picture. We’ll examine your account and help you pinpoint issues that may be affecting the reliability of your data. Want to learn how to set up event tracking or configure a new view of your data? Just ask. We’re here to help.

Solid data is the foundation of sound marketing.

I want help making sense of my numbers!

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