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We're not your typical web development shop.

Clever folks. Kind actions. Awesome work.

Our company values sum up what’s so fantastic about the Papercut team. We are known for our stellar customer service, design and technical expertise, and reliable long-term support and strategy. Finding folks who provide this perfect blend of skills is tough, and our clients appreciate the difference it makes.

  • Jason Hill i
    Jason Hill


    Jason gets it. His leadership has made Papercut the forward-thinking web shop people rely on. He keeps tabs on our industry and our business, ferrets out what’s really important, and lets the rest of us get to work. 

  • Jenny Hill i
    Jenny Hill

    Partner, Client Relationships

    Jenny may be the first Papercut Superfriend you meet. She shakes lots of hands, smiles a lot, and has lots of meetings about new projects. Jenny brings the most important and new web ideas to our clients and makes it easy for them to weigh their options and stay ahead of their competition.

  • Michael McGhee i
    Michael McGhee

    Backend Developer

    Michael thinks 5 steps ahead of most of us, so he can identify challenges early and equip our clients to handle them. When he builds websites, he plans carefully to create tools that make maintenance a breeze.

  • Jamie Ann Phillips i
    Jamie Ann Phillips

    Operations Director

    Jamie Ann keeps things moving at Papercut. She creates schedules, works on process efficiency, and stays on top of all projects at Papercut.  She is the most organized person you've ever known. 

  • Ben Glick i
    Ben Glick

    Backend / Frontend Developer

    Ben knows his code. At Papercut, he spends his days translating flat designs into responsive websites that function perfectly on the Web. When he’s not busy working on frontend projects, he helps our backend team ensure that each site has the capabilities our clients need.

  • Tony Cain i
    Tony Cain

    Designer / Frontend Developer

    Tony knows what’s next in the web. He designs sites to make our clients’ visions a reality, always keeping user experience in mind. As a developer, he codes our projects so they function flawlessly and stand out from the pack. 

  • Amanda Haskew i
    Amanda Haskew

    SEO Director

    Amanda knows how to make websites accessible to search engines and understands the tactics used to improve their rankings. She works with copy, code, and analytics to improve the visibility of our clients’ sites.

  • Erik McNair i
    Erik McNair

    New Business Developer

    Erik works with clients to navigate the world of web design and determine their business needs. When he’s not working on new projects, he helps our clients harness the power of paid search, keeping ad spend low and conversions high.

  • Taylor Hartley i
    Taylor Hartley

    Account Manager

    Taylor’s middle name is Details. Not really, but it should be, because she’s most comfortable in the nitty gritty. She keeps Papercut on an even keel and offers clients just the right amount of handholding.

  • Valerie Johnson i
    Valerie Johnson

    Digital Marketing Assistant

    Valerie works with the rest of the team to understand the analytics and best practices behind SEO and PPC. She also uses fresh ideas and research to create engaging copy for websites and marketing campaigns.

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