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Comprehensive Care For Kids, Compassionate Support For Parents

Atlanta-based Northside Pediatrics offers exceptional pediatric care for children from birth through their teenage years. The staff serves as long-term champions for the health of the families in their care. 


Northside Pediatrics

Choosing a pediatrician is one of the most important decisions parents have to make. Northside Pediatrics uses their website as a tool to try to make that decision easier.


Site visitors can find answers to basic questions about the practice, as well as in-depth background information about the team of doctors and their philosophy of care. The blog is regularly updated with content that guides parents on the complexities of raising a child. Parents can also download patient forms and pay bills online, making the site a central resource for everything they need.


A mixture of bright primary colors and the smiling faces of doctors and patients gives the site an inviting, warm tone. This is exactly how Northside wants parents to feel not only about the site but also the practice as a whole.


Location Pages for Localized Searches

Since Northside Pediatrics has two locations, it is important for their practice to show up in searches in both Woodstock and Sandy Springs, GA. By creating distinct landing pages for the separate locations, the site has better ranking potential for location-based searches. The two pages include the locations in the page title and URL, along with focused, unique content – all pluses in terms of search engine optimization. By taking this approach, we made their content easier to find and more digestible for both site visitors and search engines.

Meet and Greet Appointments

One of Northside’s goals was to use the website to fill their meet and greet sessions with expectant parents in the process of choosing a pediatrician. To encourage conversions for this goal, we created a homepage callout advertising the sessions and added them as a main navigation item. Both of these lead to an interior page with an embedded form that allows site visitors to request a spot in one of the regularly held sessions. Google Analytics conversion tracking based on form completions gives the practice insight on how many spots are being filled through the website, so they can easily measure success.


As part of an ongoing search engine optimization plan, Papercut works with Northside’s doctors to keep the site stocked with fresh content through blog posts. Search engines love frequently updated websites! Blog topics range from keeping kids safe on the Internet to treating specific medical conditions and everything in between. The blog helps Northside serve as a professional resource, advisor, and trusted advocate for their patients on a regular basis.  

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