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Chattanooga’s Most Respected Plastic Surgery Practice

The Plastic Surgery Group, PC is the first and largest plastic surgery practice in Chattanooga. With four locations across the city, the practice provides a variety of cosmetic procedures, including tummy tucks and facelifts, as well as injectables, peels, and migraine headache surgery. It has also pioneered hand surgery as a subspecialty.


Plastic Surgery Group

The Plastic Surgery Group project began like all of our projects do – by listening to the client’s goals. Based on initial conversations, we knew that the practice wanted to increase its cosmetic procedure inquiries and boost its visibility in the Chattanooga market.

With these goals in mind, we performed initial research and developed a plan for their new site that would help them reach more of their target customers, communicate their expertise and skill, and drive leads from any device.



Patient testimonials are a powerful tool in helping the Plastic Surgery Group attract new cosmetic business, so we wanted to showcase them on the new site. The Transformations section is a blog-style area filled with actual patient stories and, in some cases, photos. This personalized content helps potential patients see the positive results of cosmetic surgical procedures.

The client told us how important the before and after galleries are in encouraging new patients to schedule consultations, so we also included a gallery link on the Transformations landing page to encourage click-throughs to this content.

Clean, Streamlined Navigation

The navigation on the old Plastic Surgery Group website was cumbersome and difficult for users to follow. Multiple tabs contained long lists of subpages, which was overwhelming to site visitors. The client knew this was a barrier to conversions, so a revamp was added to our to-do list. 

To improve the accessibility of valuable content and the site’s user experience, we created a new main navigation track. We added new tabs called Face, Breast, Body, Skin, Transformations, and Gallery. This splits the procedures up into multiple buckets, resulting in fewer subpages under each tab and making it easier for visitors to find the procedure they are looking for. It also draws attention to supplementary content in the Transformations and Gallery sections, which can encourage conversions.

We knew there was other information that visitors would need to be able to find on the site, so we created a secondary navigation track for these supplementary pages and placed it at the top of the homepage. This is where users can find more general practice content like doctor bios, financing information, the blog, and current specials.

Keyword Research, SEO, and Procedure Pages

The first phase of the Plastic Surgery Group redesign involved extensive keyword research around the procedures the practice wanted to showcase on its new site. We knew that the procedure pages would be invaluable in terms of encouraging cosmetic surgery inquiries, so we wanted them to be informative, engaging, and head-and-shoulders above the rest of the competition in Google.

With a set of target keywords in mind, we worked with the client to determine the best layout and types of content for these pages. Each contains some introductory text designed to help prospective patients understand if they are candidates for surgery. This is followed by a concise explanation of what to expect before the surgery, on the day of the procedure, and during recovery.

Finally, each page also contains valuable supplementary content, including information on fees and financing, as well as links to related procedures and additional resources like FAQ pages and blog articles. We also included calls to action with the practice phone numbers so visitors can schedule consultations if they’re ready. 

All of this content informs users and encourages engagement, improving the site’s overall search engine optimization.


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