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The Chalmers Center
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Alleviating Poverty by Empowering the Poor

Dedicated to alleviating global poverty, the Chalmers Center equips churches to empower the poor, bringing economic stability to low-income communities around the world through focused training and outreach.


The Chalmers Center

The Chalmers Center had clear goals for its revamped website. In addition to being responsive and accessible on any device, it needed to inform visitors about the organization’s mission and work while encouraging them to connect by donating, registering for a seminar, or signing up for a training event.

Aside from informing visitors, the new site also needed to present a cleaner overall user experience and a friendlier donation experience.



Optimizing for conversions was essential in making the new Chalmers site successful. The old site relied on forms that weren’t styled and resulted in a jarring shift in user experience within the site.

The client was in the process of switching over to a new CRM system, so we needed to find a tool that could manage their forms and seamlessly integrate with their new CRM.

After conducting some research, we recommended FormStack as a way for Chalmers to create forms and manage information within a friendly user interface. FormStack also allowed us to make the forms responsive so they would function correctly on any device and style them so they would match the look and feel of the new website, keeping the user experience consistent.

Donation Experience

Using FormStack, we were able to revamp the entire Chalmers Center donation experience. The new donation form keeps users within the Chalmers Center site and eliminates the experience of moving to one of the client’s old, unstyled forms. A consistent experience is crucial for users when they are completing transactions that contain sensitive information.

The new donation form begins with a simple field that prompts users to enter a dollar amount. When the user completes the field, additional fields for contact and credit card information are automatically generated below.

To encourage visitors to access the donation page, we placed attention-grabbing donate buttons in the site header and footer and linked to the page within the main navigation.

Media Center

The Chalmers Center has a wonderful pool of resources for those interested in learning more about their mission and work. These resources complement the organization’s books and include everything from videos and PDFs to audio files and links. On their old website, everything was compiled into one long, overwhelming list that was difficult to navigate.

For the new Media Center, we placed videos in the spotlight. The Chalmers Center’s videos contain compelling stories that go a long way in furthering its mission, so we wanted them to get plenty of attention. The Media Center page features a visually appealing listing of multiple videos, complete with a list of related videos beneath each. A filter allows users to see only those videos that apply to their areas of interest.

When users click on a video, they move to a page that contains the video they want to view, some supplementary text, related videos, and social sharing buttons.

The Media Center also contains a searchable database of auxiliary resources. A user can choose the subject that he or she would like to learn more about, and the site will automatically generate a list of all the other resources related to that topic.

User Portal

In addition to its standard resources, the Chalmers Center also has a database of premium content that requires user accounts for access. These resources include locked videos that complement Helping Without Hurting, one of the organization’s books.

We created a user portal that allows site visitors to create an account, log in, and view these resources. If users have an access code to unlock additional resources, they can also enter it here.

The portal makes registering for an account easy. The form has only a handful of required fields, but it also prompts users to further connect with Chalmers by supplying additional information and signing up to receive email newsletters.


increase in mobile sessions
increase in tablet sessions
increase in organic traffic

"The process of creating the site was incredibly rewarding. It was exciting to see things evolve from a list [of] objectives for the site, to designs, and then to the site itself. Papercut took our skeletal aesthetic and functional goals and met them in creative, compelling ways that surpassed our expectations."

– Katie Cassleberry, Communications Specialist, The Chalmers Center
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