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Finding Hope in the Face of Infertility

With offices in Chattanooga and Knoxville, The Fertility Center helps patients find hope while facing infertility through compassionate care and comprehensive treatment programs including in vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination.


The Fertility Center

The Fertility Center wanted a responsive website that was informative but was also better organized and easier to navigate than its old design, which was cluttered and confusing.

Additionally, the practice distinguishes itself from its competitors through its sympathetic, understanding approach to patient care, and they wanted a design with a non-clinical feel that would communicate this message.

The doctors are an instrumental part of each patient’s experience, but so are the staff members who accompany them through each step of the treatment process. The new site also needed to make patients feel like they know The Fertility Center’s team before coming in for an appointment.



The design for the new Fertility Center site relied heavily on the company’s signature color, purple, which was used to add emphasis to important text on the site through headlines, buttons, and calls to action.

The client indicated that they wanted images to focus on babies, rather than patients, so we replaced the stock photos on the old website with photos of babies from actual Fertility Center patients. Not only do these images humanize the new site, but they also reinforce the message of hope that The Fertility Center strives to communicate to its patients.

We reorganized the content on the site and developed a more user-friendly navigation that places information into buckets and helps visitors navigate to the pages they’re seeking. Buckets were based on The Fertility Center’s primary service areas: fertility, fertility preservation, and hormone replacement therapy, and also included one for new patient information.

From initial discussions with the client, we understood that success stories were some of the most valuable content on their site. For their new design, we wanted to give these pages extra emphasis, so we placed three call-outs for these stories on the homepage. The sections randomize automatically, so each time a visitor lands on the homepage, the site presents a different selection of stories.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO was critical in the development of content for the new Fertility Center site. We conducted keyword and competitive research to determine which terms could drive relevant traffic to The Fertility Center’s site. From there, we built out optimized pages that included carefully crafted content designed to satisfy users’ queries by providing them with answers to common questions about treatments, procedures, and insurance. We were also able to determine needs for additional pages and create new content based on questions The Fertility Center’s staff received both on the phone and over email.

A blog was another new feature on the site. This is where the client’s success stories live, but we also intended it to play a large role in the site’s overall SEO strategy. Ongoing search engine optimization work includes collaborating with the client to produce blog content ranging from additional patient testimonials to supplementary content that further explains common treatments. All of this boosts the site’s authority with both visitors and the search engines.

Additional ongoing search engine optimization work includes technical fixes, adjustments to landing page optimization, and monthly reporting.

Who We Are

To help the client achieve their goal of making site visitors feel like they know the doctors and staff before visiting the office, we created a customized Who We Are section. This includes a landing page with content about The Fertility Center’s philosophy of treating patients like family, further emphasizing the level of care and compassion patients can expect to receive.

The doctors have a page with content that explains their certifications, as well as photos and short bios that include quotes providing insight into why they chose reproductive endocrinology as a specialty.

For the staff members page, the client hired a professional photographer to take headshots of each employee. The page features a clean, simple layout with photos, names, and titles. When a user clicks on a staff member’s photo, a box opens that contains a quote explaining what working at The Fertility Center means to that employee, as well as his or her years of service.


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“I love this company! They are very creative, and even when we thought we knew exactly what we wanted, we were pleasantly surprised at ideas presented that we never even thought of. […] We were very fortunate to find Papercut. In a nutshell, they know their stuff! We actually continued a retainer with them. It has paid off! I would highly recommend them!”

– Shirley Sinclair, Practice Manager, The Fertility Center
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