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Incline Railway
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Breathtaking Adventure at America's Most Amazing Mile

Built in 1895, the Incline Railway transports passengers straight up the face of Lookout Mountain at a steep 72.7% grade. Its old-fashioned trolley cars and breathtaking views have made it one of Chattanooga’s most popular attractions.


Incline Railway

Because the Incline Railway is an attraction, it’s important that visitors can easily access hours, ticket prices, and other important information on their mobile devices. The Incline came to Papercut for a simple, mobile-friendly site that would improve accessibility for visitors on smartphones and tablets.

The new site design is completely responsive, so it shifts to display correctly according to screen size. Using bright blues and oranges, plus a fun, vintage-inspired font, the site evokes the bygone era of the 1950s.

A bright yellow Buy Tickets button in the header encourages conversions, and the simple homepage and subpage templates present information clearly. An FAQ page provides answers to common questions about holiday hours, wheelchair accessibility, and safety.

The client wanted the attraction’s hours to be visible for easy access by visitors, so they were given prominent placement in the footer across the entire site.

Incline Railway Responsive Site


Search Engine Optimization

Following the site launch, we began ongoing search optimization for the Incline. We conducted additional keyword research to guide content creation as part of their retainer agreement.

Based on this research, we fleshed out the content on the site’s Up Top page, which includes information about things to explore once visitors disembark at the Incline’s top station on Lookout Mountain. Initially, this content was generic with a few sentences about views of the city and a souvenir shop.

We expanded this content to include more attractions, like Rock City, Ruby Falls, and Battles for Chattanooga, along with photos, maps, and distances from the Incline. We optimized the page for “Lookout Mountain attractions,” and it currently ranks in the top 10 results on Google and brings in hundreds of organic visits. It is now the #3 organic landing page on the site.

Social Media

In addition to ongoing search engine optimization work, we maintain the Incline’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, making sure that new content is added regularly. We create a monthly social media calendar and draft posts including historic photos and information about happenings at the Incline. We respond to customer questions and engage with the audience via comments and tweets.


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