A Remix of Papercut Blog Classics

This week, we combed through our collection to retrieve posts that have stood the test of time. Skim the list below to find gems that will help in your digital marketing efforts.

We did the digging for you and broke the list up by topic: advertising, analytics, design, content, planning, search engine optimization, and technical. (We also alphabetized, but that’s just because we’re nerds.)

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Search Engine Optimization



    • 301 Redirects: Why They Matter: Do you know what 301 redirects are or why they matter? Find out how they can help you when you’re redesigning your website!
    • Considerations for a Domain Migration: Are you thinking of changing your URL? A domain migration requires careful planning. Check out our tips for a successful switch.
    • Do I Need a CDN?: Slow load times can cause visitors to bounce from your website and push you down the Google search page. Learn the ins and outs of a content delivery network and if it’s the right solution to help you speed up your site.
    • Do You Need an SSL?: Wondering whether a secure certificate is a necessary addition to your site? Read on as we weigh the pros and cons to help you decide!
    • Easy Ways to Improve Site Speed: Website performance and site speed are becoming increasingly important. Our developers share some easy ways that you can improve your website’s speed.
    • Four Ways to Improve Your Page Speed with a Site Audit: Site speed is an important ranking factor. Find out four simple ways to improve your page speed and usability with a website audit.
    • How to Measure Your Site’s Security: Is your website secure? Follow this checklist to ensure your data is safe and your users are protected.
    • So You Website Needs to be Multilingual?: If multinational business is important to your bottom line, you should consider delivering web content in multiple languages.
    • The Web Developer’s Dictionary: Web lingo can be confusing if you don’t work with websites every day. To make things easier, we’ve compiled definitions for some common development terms.
    • What’s in a (Domain) Name?: Here’s a rundown of things to consider when you’re ready to purchase the URL for your business.
    • Your Website Needs a Home: Let us act as your digital realtor to help you find your dream website host.