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After over two decades of cutting-edge web and mobile marketing experience, Papercut has emerged as one of the Southeast’s premier digital strategy firms. We leverage the top experts in the field and powerful, proven strategies to connect the dots between your marketing and your money.

While we’ve worked with companies in many industries, we find that our expertise is a great fit for organizations that prioritize a premium customer experience at every point of interaction. We help bring that great experience online, learn what works (and what doesn’t) specifically for your business, bring more new and repeat customers… and make more money for you.

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How It All Began

Papercut was awarded the web design project for a private secondary school in Chattanooga, TN. That one project started us on a path that is still going almost 20 years later.

papercuts business cards

The name "Papercut" was a play on cutting out paper, which was where the design world lived twenty years ago. In 2001, the web was young and we wanted to push the use of digital as a force for businesses that allowed them to make updates quickly and gather useful business data that they just weren't able to get through traditional print media. So in October of that year, with metal business cards in hand, Papercut launched with the goal of not only being experts in our field, but also of being super friendly and easy to work with for all of our clients.

Back then, Papercut designed websites for desktop computers with monitors at a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. We used Dreamweaver and Access databases to build interactive tools for businesses and organizations. It was several years before a client asked to have a website that they could view on a phone or tablet. Actually, it was several years before there were tablets or phones that did more than make calls.

2001 - 2010
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coffee and organization
papercuts first office
coffee and organization
papercuts first office

Starting from a spare room in our house, Papercut grew both our client list and our advanced online skills. We were one of the first digital firms in the Southeast to adopt a mobile-first approach and to create responsive websites formatted to work on any device.

Websites were no longer just a nice-to-have resource for companies. We quickly found that a firm might have the most amazing website on the internet, but if potential customers couldn’t find it, that site wouldn’t be much help. So, we added search engine optimization and other forms of digital marketing into our repertoire.

2010 - Today
papercuts most recent office

The web and digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, with the past decade seeing the rise of social, AI, advanced content management systems and seamless multi-platform integrations. We’ve lived in a world of explosive technological progress, but several things have still been elusive for business owners: how do you best leverage technology as a tool to support the needs of customers and the business? How do you better understand customer preferences, real sources of revenue and the marketing return on digital investments?

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papercuts office
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papercuts office
papercut images

Papercut has worked hard to help clients connect the dots between marketing and sales, between digital and on-premise marketing and between digital spend and return on investment. We view digital strategy from a business owner’s perspective, and we focus on the right technology to get the business results our clients demand.

We have moved into a new era of strategic partnership with every client we serve, still focused on our super-friendly approach to business. We plan well, we take calculated risks, we experiment to learn what works best, and we win together.

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