Better Thank You Pages for Better Engagement

If you manage a website, you might think that conversions and engagement end when a user clicks a “Contact Us” or “Buy” button, but that’s not actually the case. Like the 404 page, the thank you page can (and should) be customized to keep visitors interested in your brand, even after they’ve completed a desired action. A cleverly designed thank you page can nurture relationships with potential customers and even convince them to take additional action on your site.

Take a look at Papercut’s thank you page to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Here are some simple ways to jazz up your thank you page design and make it work for your brand in the process:

Learn More About Your Visitors

You might not realize it, but your thank you page is the prefect opportunity to learn a little more about your site visitors and, more importantly, your interested site visitors. They’ve already taken the first step in doing business with you, so asking them a few questions can help you glean some insights into your audience and what turns a visitor into a customer.

Consider adding a demographic survey or even a feedback survey that asks questions about the visitor’s experience on your site. A good rule of thumb if you do choose to include a survey is to keep it as short as possible. This increases the chances that someone will complete it.

You can use this survey data in a number of ways. Demographics information is particularly useful in developing your content strategy across various platforms, including blogs, emails, and social media. Visitor feedback information can be helpful in pinpointing and fixing functionality issues or user experience problems on your site.

Show Off Your Content

You can also encourage visitors to explore areas of your site they may have missed or additional brand offerings by showing off your content on your thank you page. If you have blog posts, videos, or webinars, include links to that content and encourage visitors to view it before leaving your site.

The value in including content here is twofold. First, you’ll further establish your brand and employees as thought leaders and authorities in your field. This is good for your customers, and it’s also good for your site’s SEO. Second, it can actually increase your sales. Seeing valuable content can help push visitors further down the conversion funnel. If they’re at the top of the funnel but see useful content on your site, they may be convinced to become a customer.

Foster Additional Connections

Don’t let the connection with your customer stop at your thank you page. Remember that these are fledgling relationships, and you should do everything you can to foster them. Your thank you page is the perfect spot to point out the other places and ways visitors can stay connected with your brand and find out what you’re up to. Include some links to your social media accounts. You’ll get some additional views and, better yet, you may even get some new likes/followers. If you’re not using the thank you page in conjunction with an email newsletter sign-up form, you can also include an email sign-up button.

A Few Tips

Before you run off to start designing your awesome new thank you page, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget to actually say thank you. This is a thank you page after all, and you should say thanks to your visitors for contacting you, signing up, etc.
  • Keep the text short. I’m a fan of clean, simple thank you pages. Keep your content clean and uncluttered, and make your calls to action obvious.
  • Watch the number of links. Including links on your thank you page is a good thing, but be careful not to include too many. A bazillion links to all your content will make the page overwhelming to your visitor and have the opposite of the intended effect.
  • Have fun with the design. Generally speaking, the design of your thank you page should contain the same branding elements as the rest of your site, but you can have fun with it by personalizing the images and messaging. Make it something your visitors will remember!

These few tips and tricks can go a long way in improving the ROI of your thank you page and your entire website. A little extra time spent on this portion of your site is well worth it.

How have  you personalized your site’s thank you page? Have a tip you’d like to share? Add it in the comments!