Fertility Center

Making Dreams Come True through Infertility Treatment

Committed to making their patients’ dreams come true, Fertility Center provides comprehensive testing and treatment to men and women using the latest technology and state-of-the-art resources. They have a reputation for personalized care and an unmatched assisted reproduction program.


About Fertility Center

Fertility Center has a reputation for their top notch patient service and technical expertise. Their patient testimonials tell touching stories about the amazing impact that they have made and the care that they take in their work.

Through long term digital marketing strategy and web development, Papercut has helped Fertility Center grow their audience online and convert more users to new patients. We often tell clients that search engine optimization is a marathon and not a sprint and this case is an excellent example of how consistency over time really pays off.


Staying top of Mind + Moving Users Through the Funnel

Fertility Center receives a high amount of form submissions through their website. Some of these users are ready to commit to becoming patients right away, others are still in the consideration phase of decision making about their plans with fertility treatment.

Cue Papercut’s email marketing plan: We implemented an automated drip campaign that is personalized to the specific service that the user inquires about, so that Fertility Center is keeping in touch with the potential patients, and also providing them valuable information about their services and what to expect as a patient. The open rates and amount of engagement has been astonishing!

Boosting Keyword Rankings

Staying at the top of search engine results has been a top priority for Fertility Center. With the help of an annual ongoing search engine optimization plan, Papercut has been able to boost and maintain Fertility Center’s rankings for many keywords. As of March 2023, Fertility Center is ranking in the top three organic search engine results for 166 keywords.