Incline Railway

Discover America's Most Amazing Mile

The Incline Railway is an iconic funicular railway system that has been taking riders up historic Lookout Mountain for over 125 years! The Incline attracts people from around the world and has carried millions of residents and tourists along “America’s Most Amazing Mile.”

The Incline Railway has been a part of Chattanooga’s history for over 125 years. Offering riders a rich history lesson and beautiful views, this is a “must see” attraction, for Chattanooga area visitors and locals, as well.

With the upgrading of it’s railcars in March 2020 to the tune of four million dollars – the Incline was ready for a website refresh that would display its new features, as well as the iconic history of the railway and the role it has played on Lookout Mountain through the decades.

the incline railway the incline railway
the incline railway


Sell More Tickets

The Incline Railway needed a way for users to find their way to the ticket cart, no matter where they are on the site. Including a sticky ticketing icon that stays with users on the page means that users won’t have to scroll around or hunt to make their purchase.

Highlighting History

From Civil War history and the ornate Lookout Mountain Hotel to reconstruction after a station fire, the Incline Railway has a rich history and has played an important role in the region’s development. The timeline layout on the history page tells the story of the Incline through the years with date markers accompanied by historic images and facts to walk the user through the years.

Showcase New Marketing Video

The Incline Railway has two new marketing videos that were shot in 2020 during and after the new railcar installment. One video is utilized as the homepage hero background so users are captured when they hit the site and get a comprehensive overview of the attraction through the beautiful imagery in the video. The other video lives within the history timeline and offers viewers a peek at the installation of the new railcars, which is truly captivating!


The Results

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