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Located atop Lookout Mountain, Rock City is a world-famous marvel of nature featuring massive ancient rock formations, gardens, and breathtaking panoramic views.

About Rock City

Rock City attracts more than half a million visitors annually, from around the world. It has a rich history and is continually expanding and enhancing the experience. Visitors enjoy the attraction’s marvels of nature, including massive ancient rock formations, gardens with over 400 native plant species, and panoramic views that provide the opportunity to “See Seven States.”

Rock City was ready for a fresh new website to help users easily view their ticketing options at any given time, as well as highlight their numerous annual events throughout the year. Advance ticket sales online play a huge role in the attraction’s overall ticket sales, as timed ticketing sales are now the standard.

SEO Success By the Numbers

In the first six months after the new website launch, we saw…

27 %

more users to the website

30 %

more new users to the website

16 %

more page views to the website


Ticketing Calendar

Rock City needed a way for visitors to easily view their ticketing options on any given day of the year. Ticket options range from Value Nights, to Premiere Events, to Annual Passes. We created a calendar that offers color coded designations for each ticket type, along with a key displayed. Users are able to click into the options and view a description of the ticket type, along with the cost and other pertinent details, and click through to easily make their purchase.

Providing users with a way to view their ticket options daily is critical for Rock City’s visitors to take advantage of all of their offerings and to plan their visit.

Events Template

Annual events are a big draw for Rock City’s visitors. From Enchanted Garden of Lights during the holiday season to Rocktober Fest, and Southern Blooms Festival, there is something to celebrate every season. Rock City takes special care to curate the details for each event.

Within the events template on the new website, Rock City can display the date and times of the event, along with video clips of the event, special pricing options, activities that will take place during the event, and more. The new event pages are a one stop shop for the visitors to learn everything they need to know about the event and click through to purchase a ticket.

Homepage Seasonal Feature

Rock City Gardens is a delight no matter what season you choose to visit. Since the website reflects so much of the beauty of the attraction that is ever changing with the seasons, Rock City wanted an opportunity to incorporate some of the seasonal elements on the new website.

The homepage was built with animation for Rock City to display seasonal graphics that are shown when the user lands on the page, and open up as the user scrolls down. There are also editable decorative elements on the homepage sections intended to showcase the flora and fauna of the season that you will enjoy at the gardens.