Client Spotlight: Pincelli and Associates

In March, we launched a new website for Pincelli and Associates, an industrial recycling firm that handles the sale and transfer of manufacturing byproducts such as coal fly ash, glass, and foundry sand. Pincelli began by selling coal ash but has expanded its services in recent years to encompass other industrial byproducts and alternative fuels. Their website needed a refresh to showcase these additional services, and we were excited about the opportunity to help them improve their online presence.

Their Goals

Pincelli was wonderful to work with because they came into the project with a clear set of goals that they wanted their new website to help them achieve. First and foremost, the site needed to communicate their expanded offerings and services. In addition, it also needed to showcase their expertise in each phase of the industrial recycling process. Because they work as the facilitator between buyers and sellers, they wanted to emphasize their commitment to client satisfaction and their project management capabilities, as well as their partnerships with reliable trucking companies. The ability to transport materials safely, quickly, and affordably is crucial in the industrial recycling process, so it was essential that their new site highlight their skills in this area.

The Content

We worked with Pincelli to create their sitemap, the basic layout and structure of the content on their site. We organized information according to the materials they handle as well as logistical issues, such as trucking and project management. They supplied the copy for each subpage, and Amanda and I worked together on the homepage copy and layout. The client wanted a homepage that wasn’t copy heavy, and we wanted to be sure we provided them with a page that inspired site visitors to take action. To achieve this, we created a call-out for each subpage on the site, placing Pincelli’s services front and center and providing extra encouragement for visitors to click through from the homepage.

Like all new sites that Papercut designs, the new Pincelli site was going to be easy for search engines to understand. Amanda optimized their copy with appropriate keywords, headlines, and meta data to ensure that Google, Bing, and Yahoo understand what Pincelli is all about.

The Design

Pincelli already had existing branding when we began the project, so we took their logo and incorporated it into the header, then created the overall site layout and design from there. The main navigation is simple and clean, and there is also a menu in the footer to make moving around on mobile devices even easier. We also expanded their typography by using fonts that complement their logo.

To break up the copy on the homepage, I laid it out in horizontal blocks that separate the introductory text from the subpage call-outs. To add emphasis to these sections, each call-out was placed over a light blue background, and I designed custom icons to identify each. These icons carried over onto the headline sections of the corresponding subpages, creating a sense of unity throughout the site.

Below the subpage call-outs, we also added an extra call to action encouraging site visitors to contact Pincelli directly for additional information about their services. We personalized this with a headline reading “Work with Us” and an additional customized icon. Both the local and toll-free phone numbers were placed below in blue.

For added visual appeal on the site, we incorporated a photo of the Pincelli office into the footer and used an image of Chattanooga and the Tennessee River as the background on the homepage. The client felt this imagery was general enough to encompass who they were without excluding them from any key markets. On the subpages, we integrated custom images Pincelli had taken of industrial materials, facilities, and employees working with clients on job sites.

Polished and Professional

Ultimately, Pincelli wanted to “provide potential customers and partners with a polished and professional website that fully presents [our] capabilities.” By combining comprehensive, informative content with strong visual cues, we were able to create a website that both showcases Pincelli as the professional, capable organization it is and encourages site visitors to become new clients.