Eeek! It’s the Haunted Cavern

One dark and creepy night, three brave Papercut team members decided to visit the Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern, but did they survive?

Okay, enough with the cheesy horror movie intro. Last Sunday, Win, Ashley, and I braved the Haunted Cavern. If you’re not familiar with what the Haunted Cavern is, you can read our previous post about the SEO work Amanda’s been doing for some background info. With the Halloween season in full swing, a few of us decided to experience the attraction for ourselves.

I’ll admit that I was scared going in, but the general consensus is that Ashley was the chicken of the bunch.

Win was our fearless leader, and I followed close behind (the middle is the safest, right?). Poor Ashley was stuck in the back of the group, which made it easy for the monsters to follow her… and scare her.

Overall, the Haunted Cavern was fun but definitely scary. As a first-time visitor, I have to say that going through a haunted house inside a cave was pretty cool. There was a lot of attention to detail throughout the attraction, and you can tell that a lot of time, money, and planning go into it every year. The props were convincing, especially the body bags hanging from the ceiling—those were Win’s favorite.

The actors playing the monsters certainly succeeded at their job of scaring us. There were guys out in the parking lot with metal scrapers on their hands. They rolled around and created sparks on the pavement, and some tried to scare Win before she even got out of her car. Some kind of creepy ninja girl kept jumping out of nowhere and sneaking up on us, and one girl was so still before she jumped out at us that we thought she was a rock. Granted, it was really dark in there, but she still did a great job.


The make-up on the actors was incredibly detailed, and you can tell a lot of effort went into that, too.

Everyone in our group had a great time, but we each had our own “scariest moment” in the Haunted Cavern. For me, it was waiting in line. This is partly from the anticipation and partly from the crawly guys that made me and Ashley scream. Win said she could hear us from the parking lot. Ashley didn’t like the bouncy-house thing we had to climb through, and Win’s least favorite part was the van ride back up to Ruby Falls. She’s the bravest of the bunch and didn’t get too scared in the cave, but she doesn’t like curvy roads, and our driver was going a little too fast for her.

All in all, everyone had a blast on Sunday, and I think we’d all go back again. We all got scared, and Win had a lot of fun laughing at me and Ashley.