Happy Birthday, Papercut – Here’s to the Next 20!

As I was walking the treadmills with a friend at the gym the other day we started chatting about device dependency – namely Apple watches and AirPods. My workout partner stated that she would prefer to avoid using these smart accessories and keep it simple. I replied with a rebuttal, “But when I’m walking my dogs, and I get a text message, my AirPods will read it to me and I can reply with talk to text, it’s just so useful!” Who needs a peaceful walk in the neighborhood when you can remain totally plugged in?! 

Our conversation made me think back to simpler times when neither accessory existed and our lives were vastly different – at least in terms of technology used for communication and entertainment. Later during the workout, we were discussing music and I made a mention of burning CDs in college – something the trainer who is 15 years younger than me had heard of, but didn’t quite grasp the concept of it. Making a playlist on Spotify is great, but it doesn’t match the satisfaction gained from adorning a freshly burned CD with every track and artist name, written in multi-colored sharpie, and giving it a good name: “Molly’s Party Mix” (volumes 2-7 were sure to follow).

Thinking back on where I was 20 years ago and the technology that was popular (hello Nokia brick phone!) led me to think about Papercut’s beginnings and all of the adaptations we’ve been through during the last two decades. This month, Papercut turns 20! Jason tells the story of our company’s humble beginnings in a spare bedroom of his home here. Funny to think that many of us have also transitioned from working out of a spare bedroom over the past year or so. 

As time has passed, Papercut has grown into a digital marketing agency that many of our region’s thriving brands trust with their websites and digital marketing strategy. It amazes me to look back at how many awesome projects we have been a part of over the past 20 years and all that has been accomplished. 

This year, I’ve officially transitioned into the role of managing partner at Papercut. I am honored, grateful, and elated to be leading the charge for future Papercut and our clients. To have the opportunity to lead an organization with a track record of this caliber is a challenge I’m thrilled to accept. It’s been amazing to see the changes that have occurred since my first day here, and I look forward to continuing to guide our clients through what’s next. I thrive in change and want you to feel as excited about it as I do. 

How did we do it?

At Papercut, guiding clients through the changes in the digital realm is what we do. We do it with a smile, and strive to make it fun (or at least painless) for everyone involved. I have caught myself using the phrase with clients, “… and here’s the fun part!” more often than I probably should.

Learning your way around a website or deciphering your analytics shouldn’t be things you dread or fear. Helping you navigate this territory and helping your brand grow is why we are here. It is my personal belief that the 20 years of success in our industry is not only driven by thought leadership and adhering to constantly changing best practices, but is also attributed to sticking to our core values as an organization. 

If you’ve browsed our website or received a proposal from us you may have noticed the use of the term, “superfriendly.” It’s baked into everything we do. We’re on your side, we’ve got your back, and we want to see you grow and succeed. We’re not just your friend – we are your “superfriend.” 

We aim to make your experience working with us the best it can possibly be. When I started working at Papercut, I learned from a few different clients how appreciative they are of our company simply answering the phone and answering emails in a prompt timeframe. I found it hard to believe that other agencies would adhere to such neglect – but it really got me thinking about why our clients continue to work with us year after year, and why we benefit from referrals so frequently. 

Recruiting and hiring Papercut “superfriends” has been an element of my role that I can say I particularly enjoy and take a lot of pride in. Client relationship management and the ability to navigate challenging situations are key, and it takes a special person who “gets it” to be a part of the team. It takes more than just a good looking resume to make the cut, and we put a lot of thought into finding the right fit for our team and for our clients.

Over the past year, we’ve spent time honing in on what our core values are and why we do what we do. Alignment of values and ensuring that we’re all working towards the same goals is critical to our success and something that we will continue to work on year after year.

What do the next 20 years hold for Papercut?


What will change? 

Best practices and standards for digital marketing will continue to evolve and grow. Your brands will continue to evolve and grow with them. Who knows what the preferred content management system or best platform to run digital ads will be in 2031? We’re enthusiastic about digital advances and we’ll be sure to help you take advantage of them!


What will stay the same?

Our core values. The fact that we’re going to be your “superfriend.” Our level of accountability and responsiveness. The superior quality and excellence in service that we strive for will stay the same. It’s what’s kept us going for 20 years – why stop now?

We are going to continue to be your “Experience Experts!” We’re going to make sure that all of our clientele are marketed as a must-do/must-see/must-have. Everything our clients offer is tied to an experience – whether it’s creating memories worth repeating: Rock City Gardens – building communities through play and recreation: PlayCore – or making dreams come true through infertility treatment: Fertility Center. 

If you’re looking for the opportunity to work with a team of superfriendly digital experts, backed by 20 years of experience and success, LET’S TALK. Cheers to the next 20!