Happy Feet = Happy People

This November social media has been abuzz about thankfulness (and facial hair, but that’s another story). The trend of listing each day something for which one is thankful has been neat to witness, and goodness knows that we here in America have blessings beyond count.

I appreciate folks’ sentiments of being thankful for family, God, friends, and health. Certainly I too value such things. That said, there’s a lot of really, really small stuff that makes my day – I say “Improves My Quality of Life.” In the midst of lofty thanks statements, here’s one of mine:

I’m thankful for the Brass Feet on Frazier Avenue.  Right outside my desk window are a set of brass footsteps outlining the Quick Step. At least 3 times a day I get to see people of all ages stop and dance with one another. Those feet are a fun gift to everyone who walks over them. Next time you’re over this way, check out the ground beneath you!