How We Spent Our Christmas Break

Aaaand… we’re back! It’s hard to believe the holidays are already over. As you probably already know, we take some time off between Christmas and New Year’s Day each year to enjoy the holidays and relax. Now that 2015 is officially here, we’re ready to tackle the next 12 months and make them even better than the last. Before we get too busy, though, we thought we’d share some of the fun we all had over our 2014 break.


I started learning about a style of guitar playing called “Chicken Pickin’.” When I wore my fingernails down, I started building workbenches for our basement.

I’m proud to say that I was able to stay awake well past midnight on New Year’s Eve and spent that night with friends. We went to my grandparents’ house on New Year’s Day to have “good luck” kind of food for lunch.


This Christmas break I read, bonded with our new kitten, started making curtains, and tried not to cook. Our house has been joyfully packed with people and parties since we moved in, so I was ready for a break from cooking and unloading the dishwasher! Willis took advantage of our propensity for relaxation last week…he started climbing the Christmas tree and I just let him.

Jamie Ann

For my Christmas break, I visited my family in Alabama and then hit the road to visit more family and friends in Louisiana and Tuscaloosa. Got to take my dog Lady on some fun runs through different cities and meet new family members and friends’ babies!  Got back in Chattanooga in time to ring in the new year with friends.


I celebrated the holidays with family in our new house! We made a Christmas Eve feast which took about nine straight hours of cooking, a bottle or two of wine, and a few days of prep brining a turkey!


I enjoyed my time off relaxing at home and spent some time with family. I saw Into the Woods and did some after-Christmas shopping at the new Anthropologie and J.Crew in Warehouse Row.


I spent my break in Memphis servicing all of the electronics my parents got last Christmas. I got a few more records, a car, some socks, the usual stuff as gifts. It was nice catching up with family and friends and relaxing.


I retreated from the highly modern Gig City where I program computers to my secret redneck roots for Christmas. I went home for Christmas where we had a very untraditional meal of fresh-caught fried fish, grits, and apple pie. Santa shipped me two squirrels, courtesy of a .22 magnum rifle bullet, which we cooked up the next day. My dad got a tractor for Christmas. I also brought some witchcraft/magic down into the south Georgia swamps (a new Xbox One with the Kinect), where I taught people how to control the TV with their hands and taught them how to dance (Dance Central for the Xbox One). For New Year’s Eve, we shot off the shotgun.


During my break I went to south GA to see my wife’s family. While there, I ventured out to the nearby Lake Seminole State Park. I checked out the nature trail that has a list of wildlife you might see on the trail, including a bald eagle that nests in the area. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything more than a few small birds and a squirrel on the trail, but when I returned to my car it was covered in muddy paw prints. I think the unknown creature was mocking me. For the rest of the trip, I had a chance to spend time with my girls and enjoy some reading.