Introducing… The Nook

A few weeks ago, we reorganized the Papercut office to make room for Amanda. Computers were unplugged, desks were shuffled, and about an hour later, everyone had a new place to sit and work. (That’s one great thing about concrete floors – we can slide things around and revamp our layout any time we want to!)


It didn’t take long for us to realize that the alcove where Jason and I once sat was looking a little lonely.

We decided that the space would be perfect for holding our production meetings, so we added a round table and chairs, our gray couches, some end tables, and a stylish geometric rug that Art Director Ashley Frazier loves (she helped pick it out).

We’ve had a lot of our daily meetings in this space, and we’re also using it as a collaborative area for group discussions about client projects and brainstorming sessions. Some Papercut team members even unplug their laptops and work on the couches when they need a change of scenery. An added perk, the windows overlooking Frazier Avenue remind us just how awesome our location is and provide some great people-watching opportunities.

The space has affectionately been dubbed “The Nook.” If you’re a Papercut client or friend, stop by and say hi. We’ve used the area for a couple of client meetings already. We love its relaxed feel, and we think you will, too.


It’s just one more way we make the Papercut experience superfriendly.