Learning Blade – Brand to Web

We had the great opportunity of working with Learning Blade and developing their brand, website, and creating a style guide for a web application company to follow when developing their STEM application software they will be marketing to schools across the United States.

Learning Blade was founded by some pretty smart folks from Thinking Media that have established themselves as industry leaders when it comes to creating educational software.

At Papercut I  love it when we get the opportunity to work with clients and not only provide them with great design and user interfaces on the web but we also get to work on their brand as well.


A business’ online experience is a branding statement which should be consistent and reflect what your customers are familiar with or how you want to introduce your business.

Learning Blade had a clean slate with only a name to go off of. Developing the brand was an interesting task, it is going to be used by middle school aged kids but will really be marketed to an older audience consisting mainly of educators, school administrators, and even district level decision makers. We had two quite different audiences to please.


At Papercut we always start a branding process with thorough research, followed by lots of sketching, and then bringing our ideas to the computer.

For the brand we wanted to come up with an idea that could be relatable by both the students and the teachers. We used fresh and vibrant colors paired with a fun, rounded typeface, and a simple symbol to evoke the goals of Learning Blade to students and teachers. The colors, symbol, and type all come together to make fun and structured elements ot be used throughout web and print materials.

With the logo complete we were able to build a strong presence for Learning Blade online.