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At Papercut Interactive, we offer a full range of web design and digital marketing services that help you reach your customers online. We take time to listen and understand your goals, and we work alongside you to achieve them. The result is web design and digital marketing done better.

We’ll start with planning and analysis to get any project off to a focused start and make the most of your investment.

Solid strategy is a combination of big ideas and little details. Papercut combines research-based thinking to create goal-driven recommendations for clients – always with measurable results. We’ll help you determine the right scope for your company.

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We can complete strategy and research work outside of a website development project or comprehensive marketing program. Freestanding services include:

Competitive Research

The companies you consider your competition may not actually be a threat online – and there may be groups that aren’t on your radar who are dominating the online space you want to fill.

We’ll analyze your industry’s landscape to identify immediate and future threats to your company’s online presence and advise you on how to best position your organization.

During competitor research, Papercut will study your industry and compile analysis and recommendations on:

  • How your competitors are approaching digital marketing and what they’re doing well
  • Where your company can take advantage of opportunities to pull ahead
  • What you’ll need to invest in to achieve your goals

Maintain and defend a strong digital footprint with a competitor analysis.

Keyword Research

How do clients find you online? It may not be the way that you think.

Keyword research provides insight into your customers’ minds and identifies opportunities for you to gain traffic from new search terms. It takes the guesswork out of website content and optimization strategies.

We’ll explore the search engine landscape, including search volume and long-tail opportunities for organic positioning and paid advertising.

By coupling SEO and digital marketing tools with your analytics, we’ll determine how your website could receive more organic traffic. And with conversion rate optimization, we’ll take it to the next level to explore how to best convert that traffic into qualified leads.

Plan to invest in keyword research when:

  • Launching a new product or service line
  • Beginning or expanding a digital marketing campaign
  • Developing a new site
  • Organic traffic has dropped off

Website Audits

Site performance is affected by a lot more than how your site looks. Papercut’s optimization experts can evaluate your web property with a critical eye – and a technical emphasis.

We’ll evaluate your online property to provide insight for immediate updates and ongoing improvement. Along the way, we’ll get to know you to understand the nuances of your business and how your site contributes to its success.

Consider a website audit if you:

  • Have noticed a drop in your search engine rankings
  • Need to implement new key performance indicators
  • Recognize that your site is running slowly
  • Are sick of your site design
  • Haven’t audited your site in the last 18 months

Papercut will give you objective information on what’s working and what needs to change in order to meet your goals.

Analytics Review

It’s no secret – analytics are complicated. Accurate site data is crucial to making informed marketing decisions, but it can be difficult to cut through the clutter and determine which metrics really matter.

Our Google Analytics certified team will help dig out the actionable data to make sense of the numbers and guide your marketing decisions.

We’ll help you start from the ground up, including:

  • Google Analytics Account Setup & Configuration – We can create your Google Analytics account, share access with decision makers at your business, and add filters to ensure that your numbers are as accurate and actionable as possible. We’ll also add conversion tracking to help you better understand how your site is impacting your business. Need help with your Google Search Console or AdWords setup? We’ve got those covered, too.
  • Reporting – Mining your analytics data for actionable insights takes time. Our team can create monthly reports that detail your site’s overall performance, traffic, and trends. We’ll highlight spikes and dips, discuss possible causes for shifts, and identify areas for improvement to boost your conversions.
  • Analytics Consulting – Do your numbers look off to you? Sometimes it takes another set of eyes to see the full picture. We’ll examine your account and help you pinpoint issues that may be affecting the reliability of your data. Want to learn how to set up event tracking or configure a new view of your data? Just ask. We’re here to help.

Solid data is the foundation of sound marketing.

Southern Champion Tray Case Study

Learn how Papercut conducted extensive research and planning to ensure Southern Champion Tray’s new site energized and inspired visitors and potential employees.

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