Our Culture Keeps Getting Better

Today an article was published on Nooga.com about how the majority of the Papercut Interactive team is female, and how unusual that is in the tech industry. You can view the article on Nooga.com here.

I wrote a little about our Friendly culture a few months ago. Now it just keeps getting better. Although having a mostly female team was not intentional, I think it’s a nice change not only for our company, but also in the industry. Web development has been, and still is, a male dominated industry. However, there are very talented ladies out there (and a lot of them work at Papercut). It may very well be that because we have more females that we also have more and better communication.

Talk it Out

In years past we did our work and did it well, but there wasn’t a great deal of internal communication. Now, we actually talk to each other and bounce ideas off of each other. Everyone is respected and their opinion is valued. And, their opinion is super helpful. Constant communication plays into our work. We talk through what we’re working on and how we’re working. We also talk about lessons learned and how we can edit our process to accommodate clients and workflow better in the future.

Talking can also be fun. One of our folks had the idea to do The Papercut Games. As a result of us sitting around and brainstorming (and then continuing to talk about how it could be better) we now have a fun way to build our team and better our relationship with our clients. And it will no doubt become the most celebrated event in Chattanooga and more than likely the world in years to come.

So, a great team and great communication makes all the difference. We’ll check back in a few months to see how our culture has developed even further. In the meantime, sign up for The Papercut Games and tell everyone you know to get geared up for next year.