Our Google Partner Event Recap


We were so excited to host a Google Partner event here in our offices on Wednesday. We had a great turnout with fantastic good from River Street Deli on the North Shore. This time, the topic was focused around being found on Google and was geared toward small businesses. At Papercut Interactive, we’re committed to helping small businesses in the Chattanooga area leverage digital marketing to grow and expand. Whether a business is customer facing, direct to businesses or has been historically referral driven, it is critical that its leaders know how best to position it online.


  • The speakers from Google shared some great statistics as part of the livestream:
  • Over 40,000 searches take place on Google every second
  • Since 2015, more Google searches have taken place on mobile devices than on computers
  • 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube per month
  • 70% of people trust online reviews posted by other consumers

These statistics are staggering and really show that we have entered the age of mobile. One thing that speaker Fred Vallaeys pointed out is that every year is the first year in mobile. We are seeing so much change and growth in mobile device usage that each year feels like a new milestone. As a result, it’s more important than ever that small business owners know about the latest available technology and available methods of advertising.