The Benefits of Facebook Business Manager

Facebook, with over 2 billion users worldwide, has become a necessity for businesses everywhere.

Businesses with business pages have the ability to drive brand awareness by publishing good content on Facebook’s network, but they also can pay to promote their messaging to highly targeted audiences.

For businesses managing just one public page, the basic profile is perfect. But when you start managing multiple locations, pages, and ad budgets, things can get a little complicated.

This is why Facebook developed Facebook Business Manager to help consolidate all your pages, ad accounts, and account managers in one place.

Facebook Business Manager also allows agencies, like Papercut, to manage clients’ business pages – from scheduling social posts to engaging with customers to managing paid promotions. This has made the ease of communicating businesses’ value propositions to their potential customers easier than ever.

Here are a few benefits of switching to Business Manager.


Home Dashboard & Ad Account Overview

The first and foremost benefit is being able to manage and view multiple business pages at once. The Home dashboard shows all the pages you manage, along with their page likes, people reached, and post engagements. You can even click to reveal your last 5 posts’ and their performance.

You can then click into each page individually to see how the different promotions and posts are faring. You can also access the Ad Account Overview tab and export the data from all of your different ad accounts at once.

You can use the exported spreadsheet to analyze your ad data and see how effective your ads are.

For a business managing multiple ad accounts and pages, the ability to see everything at once and export data into a spreadsheet shaves hours off the old process.

Time is money and businesses are saving a ton of it by converting to Facebook Business Manager.


Split Testing

For businesses and agencies that do a lot of paid promotions, a huge benefit is the ability to split test different ads and optimize your campaign with the best creative for each of their ads.

When developing split testing, Facebook ran more than 5,200 campaigns with split tests from September 2016 through March 2017 and saw a 14% increase in cost per acquisition. Results will vary with each business and unique market, but this capability is huge for businesses and advertisers using Facebook Business Manager.


Security and Accessibility

Facebook Business Manager gives business owners and agencies a level of security and peace of mind that isn’t possible with the old Facebook management process.

Historically, to grant someone access to your business page, you either had to make them a manager of the page or give them your personal Facebook account credentials. Giving a person your credentials requires a huge amount of trust, because then they have access to your entire social network and interpersonal communications with your friends.

Also, if you manage multiple pages and wanted to give someone access to each one, you used to have to go into each page individually and manually grant access. This is time confusing and allows for a lot of potential user error.

Now, you can grant users specific types of limited access to your different pages through one portal and are able to easily take it away when they don’t need it anymore.

In conclusion, any business with multiple pages or with an agency managing their ad accounts needs Facebook Business Manager. It gives admins more security, the ability to optimize ads, and the ability to quickly prepare reports.

Switching to a Business Manager account or creating a new one can get complicated, so we’ve prepared guides with screenshots that walk through the process step by step. Fill out the form below to download your copy!