Type Foundry of the Month: Emtype Foundry

Wow! It’s been a while since our last type foundry blog. That’s kinda crazy given that we at Papercut think about fonts ALL THE TIME.

Sometimes, I just comb Myfonts.com to take a look at what’s new in type design. New fonts and foundries seem to appear daily. Some of these foundries have one or two great display fonts that would really work well for signs and headlines. Many times, these fonts are bold and fleshy, not that there is anything wrong with that, but finding one that will stand the test of time can be difficult. However, this month’s featured foundry, Emtype Foundry, has several options that fit the bill.

Some Background on EmType

Emtype Foundry has struck a balance between fun display fonts and solid, well-crafted humanist typefaces. This one-man foundry is the work of Eduardo Manso, a self-taught type designer from Argentina. In 2013, he told Myfonts’ Creative Characters, “I think it is unavoidable, when you love fonts and use them in excess, that you eventually cross the line and become a type designer.” It is obvious that this love of fonts helped Eduardo craft his impressive collection of typefaces.

Below are some of my favorite fonts from his foundry:


(Thanks to Myfonts.com for these images.)



This typeface has an amazing geometrical construction that gives it a technological feeling, making it perfect for body and display purposes. Geogrotesque bold with rounded corners also gives the font a surprisingly warm appearance. It has 14 styles and seven weights, so there’s a variation for any use.


Shentox was inspired by a trip to London and modeled after English car plates. It’s a great display font that’s perfect for signs and editorial use, but I think it could also work really well on the web. I can’t wait to find the perfect project for this font!

Those are just a few of my picks from Emtype Foundry. If you are in search of the perfect typeface for your next project, give their whole selection a look. You’re sure to find the right fit!