Type Foundry of the Month: House Industries

If you read our blog, you know that we think type is really important. After writing my last post about the subject, I thought it would be a cool idea to share some of my favorite places to find unique fonts. So, we’re starting a new series that will showcase some of my favorite type foundries, and we’re kicking it off with one that’s very high on that list: House Industries.

What Is a Foundry?

For those of you reading that might not know what a type foundry is, here’s a quick definition:


“A type foundry is a company that designs or distributes typefaces. Originally, type foundries manufactured and sold metal and wood typefaces and matrices for line-casting machines like the Linotype and Monotype machines designed to be printed on letterpress printers. Today’s digital type foundries accumulate and distribute typefaces (typically as digitized fonts) created by type designers, who may either be freelancers operating their own independent foundry, or employed by another foundry. Type foundries may also provide custom type design services.”
– Wikipedia

Foundries distribute typefaces, and it’s pretty neat to learn about them and their “personalities.” Type foundries always have their own style and philosophy about type, and that is usually reflected in the fonts they create.

Meet House Industries

House Industries is a very unique and fun foundry. Here’s a nice intro to them that really shows off their style.

Because I’m a total nerd, I get goosebumps watching that video. The quality, precision, and perfection are insane. The fonts from House are fun, intricate, unique, memorable, and future proof. They’re also very distinct, and each has a unique voice. I’m particularly impressed by how they can create a font like Neutraface, which can be used in solid branding due to its long-lasting appeal, wide range of weights and styles, and its reliance on clear legibility, but also create something as fun as Monster Fonts, which are definitely used for specific purposes but are done in a well-researched and expertly executed manner.






My Favorite House Fonts

House Industries offers a wide range of fonts that meet virtually any need, from luxury branding to quirky design. A few typefaces that stick out for me are:

United — This is a great structured font that comes in 105 different weights and styles—that’s a lot! United is particularly fun to play around with, and seeing how you can mix and match the different variations is pretty neat.

Sign Painter — This is one that you have probably seen more than you realize. This classic font represents a version of handlettering translated to the digital screen. It’s definitely a lot of fun to play around with, as it can be a great complementary font or stand strong on its own.

Ed Benguiat Fonts — Swoon. This is by far my favorite font collection from House. Their team worked with Ed Benguiat, a typography legend, to create this unique selection of fonts. My personal favorite is definitely Interlock—it is playful and weird but it all works. Making type work together like that is no easy task, and it takes a lot of time and effort. When I look at that font, I wish I had the mind to think that way.

Just the Beginning

You probably get that I have a small crush on House Industries. If I could design the whole world using just one foundry, it would probably be House. All personal preferences aside, though, I also have great appreciation and respect for tons of other foundries and type designers that I am excited to share with you in the coming months. Type is an art, and it’s everywhere you go, whether you notice it or not.

Check back next month for another foundry profile and more cool fonts!