Type Foundry of the Month: Sudtipos

It’s time for another Type Foundry of the Month! Today, we are learning a bit about a type foundry from Argentina called Sudtipos. This is the first type foundry collective of Argentina and was co-founded in 2003 by a group of four award-winning designers – Ale Paul, Ariel Garofalo, Claudio Pousada, and Diego Giacconi. The team aims to offer original and exclusive type design for corporate use, with high quality and low cost.

It’s likely you have seen their fonts in your daily life whether it be in magazines, food packaging, stationery, posters, etc. Many of their fonts are fun and script-y with a lot of personality. I find their fonts particularly interesting because the designers have described what “behind the scenes” inspiration influenced specific typeface designs. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Special thanks to Myfonts.com for these great images.


So many of their fonts are exciting to me. Many are inspired by the past but have been digitized to give them a fresh, contemporary stamp. For example, Cuisine originated from a how-to lettering book from the 1950s. It can be found on luxe food packaging or high-end menus.

Bowling Script


Bowling Script is a new font designed by Ale Paul that is essentially a newer version of his font Semilla. These fonts were inspired by Bentele, a lettering artist from early 1950s Germany. It is calligraphic and rhythmic with interesting angles and curly varieties.


These designers definitely love what they do and put their personal touches in their work. For example, the font Mati is inspired by Ale Paul’s preteen son, Matias. For Father’s Day, his son drew out the entire alphabet, and Mati was born.


Uma is interesting to me because at first glance it appears simple, but it actually contains many details that make it elegant and modern. It works well in both large and small sizes and therefore is ideal for magazines, brochures, flyers, and other advertising mediums.

Take some time to check out Sudtipos for yourself and add your favorites in the comments!