Type Foundry of the Month: Yellow Design Studio

This month we are getting to know a little foundry in Madison, Wisconsin called Yellow Design Studio. The work of a husband and wife duo, this foundry focuses on the collaboration of type design and fine arts—Ryan Martinson specializes in the type design and Rena concentrates on the fine art side of things.

I am willing to bet that you have probably come across one of their typefaces in the last few years. Yellow Design Studio might be two people in a small studio in Wisconsin, but their fonts have been seen in national campaigns for Lysol, Starbucks, Hulu Plus, Whole Foods, and many more mainstream brands. Here is their popular Thirsty font featured in a Lysol campaign and their very popular Veneer featured in the Johnny Cash Museum collateral designs:

Not only are their fonts well done and very useful, but Rena’s artwork is also just plain fun and mesmerizing. The endless mazes of patterns, shapes, and creatures would make her work awesome to hang in your office or home. Props to her for having the insane patience and creative mind it must take to imagine one of these designs. So cool!

Below are some of their fonts that we think are pretty dang cool, worth a look at, and something to put in your type arsenal:


This is a classic, rough, and masculine font that’s sure to turn some heads. It would be great to use as a sturdy heading complemented by organic and soft counterparts.

Melany Lane

Ooo-wee and hello, there. Melany Lane is a beautiful font that comes in whimsical and elaborate typefaces. It’s also packed with really great glyphs that will make any creative mind salivate.


Stacks on stacks on stacks. This is a great font to add some fun, vintage dimension to any design. With its powerful color palette, this would make any design layout pop.

There you have it—my top picks from Yellow Design Studio. Take some time to explore their collection, then come back here and share your favorite in the comments!