We be rollin’… with Roadtec.

One of the great perks about working in the web world is getting to know so many different types of businesses and what they do. Today we had the great opportunity of heading over to Roadtec headquarters and getting a pretty neat tour of their facility. Roadtec creates large machinery that facilitates businesses in creating, repaving, or fixing roads and highways. It takes really big machines to do this work – and needless to say, we all jumped at the opportunity to sport some pretty awesome safety goggles and drive these big boys.

Some of us took the horns of the machines and drove like pros while others found themselves quite intimidated by these metal beasts. Thankfully, the top speed is about 5mph so nobody was hurt while we spun these around the parking lot a few times.

It was a great opportunity to tour Roadtec and see how machines of this magnitude and genius are made.