We’re Superfriendly and We Mean It

Lately we’ve been talking a good bit about Culture here at Papercut. Our mantra is to “Make it Friendly.” We try to bring that theme into everything we do, from building easy-to-use websites to helping someone find the store they’re looking for when they drop into our office by mistake. We also try to make our working environment friendly. Our friendly culture is one of my favorite things about our company.

Three things that make a big difference: 

  • No complaining
  • Great location
  • Everyone is learning

A Work in Progress

Papercut Interactive’s friendly culture is and will always be a work in progress. We’ll always be tweaking, but we’re at a really good place right now. All of our folks are hard working, positive problem solvers. The vibe at Papercut is so terrific now that I’ve instituted a “No Complaining Rule” to have in place as we grow. It’s not that it’s not okay to have a complaint, but it’s not okay to openly complain without a solution. We’ve realized that it’s not fun to go to work and have to sit with someone who is negative, so we’re going to be sure to hire folks that share the ideals our team has and keep it upbeat around here.


Location Makes a Difference

Another aspect of our friendly culture is our office space — particularly the location. We moved to Frazier Avenue back in the summer. We’ve had comfortable offices in the past, but we wanted to be somewhere that offered our employees easy access to restaurants and fun things to do. Frazier Avenue is always hopping, and from our back deck we have perfect seats for many of the events in Coolidge Park. It’s been a great move and I wish we’d done it sooner.


Always Learning and Examining

We also have seminar on Wednesday mornings. This is a time that we can use to learn about a new technique or practice in our industry, discuss our processes, or something that will help us to grow. Because what we do is ever-changing, continually learning and working on getting better is a must.


I’m proud to be at a company that wants to change and grow. What we do or the way we work may change over the years, but our friendly culture is here to stay. Superfriendly.