What Papercut Is Thankful For

Today, we took a break from work to have our own Thanksgiving lunch, complete with vegan roast and sides for Win, and we stuffed our faces (there’s photographic evidence below). Between the hors d’oeuvres and the board games (don’t ask), we each took a minute to share what we’re thankful for:


My new husband! I’ve been married for almost three months now, and it is awesome. I am so thankful I have someone pretty cool to share life with.
A great job with great people. I’m very thankful to work at Papercut with a great group of smart and hardworking folks. It makes it feel like I’m not working most days!
Breaking Bad. Probably the best TV show ever made ended this year, and I have to give thanks to Vince Gilligan – you are awesome.


I am thankful for family, friends, and most importantly, Internet cats.


This year, I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to join the Papercut team. I’m lucky to be working with these insanely intelligent and talented people.

I’m also thankful for my friends and family and their health. And my dogs Oliver and Gus, who are expert cuddlers and always keep me entertained.


Here are my top 10 things I am thankful for:

Loved ones
Down booties
Hot showers
Seat belts


I am thankful I had parents that let me program computers way too late at night during school and who fostered creativity. I am also thankful that I have a loving wife who makes sure that I don’t starve or get arrested or run away to some tribe in Africa.

Jamie Ann

The University of Alabama
In that order.


I’m thankful for Bruce Springsteen.


My kids have straight hair. I’m really bad at hair.
Flavored coffee.
Heated seats. I don’t have these, but I like to ride in cars that do.


I’m thankful that I work in a warm office from an ergonomic chair with an amazing view of the fall colors in downtown Chattanooga… and also Fireball Whiskey.

The Papercut team is a lucky bunch. We’ve all got plenty to be thankful for, and we’re also thankful for you. Whether you’re a client, a Facebook fan, or a blog reader, we’re grateful to have you as part of our extended work family. We hope you all enjoy your holiday, eat plenty of turkey (or Tofurky), and have a wonderful holiday season ahead.













































Happy Thanksgiving from Papercut!