What We Did Over Our Christmas Break

2016 is officially here, and we’re back in action at Papercut. We took some time off during the holidays to recharge and relax, and before we get too busy with all of the exciting new projects we have in the works, we thought we’d take a minute to share some of the fun we had over our Christmas break, including seeing the new Star Wars movie a total of 14 times!


We had a great Christmas with family. Even though it was raining, it was warm and we had the doors open. It was a nice, relaxing background to the day.

After Christmas, I continued to work on a table that we will use in our dining room. Each morning, I’d start to work on it and find that I needed a new tool. So, progress was made in the afternoons mostly. It’s shaping up, but I still have a good bit of work to do. Hopefully, before next Christmas!

Star Wars Tally: 2 times


This Christmas break I spent several days with my wonderful mother making a roman shade for my kitchen. The sun sets through that window—often at the very time I’m working on dinner. It makes me cranky to have the sun in my eyes! I also worked on a photo book from our trip to Spain. I’m not quite finished with it, but I should be soon!

Star Wars Tally: 2 times

Jamie Ann

My break was pretty anti-climatic, which is exactly what I wanted. I spent Christmas with my family in Alabama and came back to Chattanooga with a week to go in the break. I was really excited about the possibility of hiking and getting outside until I came down with a cold last Tuesday. Therefore, I spent the majority of my break hanging out in sweatpants with my dog. I did get everything done on my to-do list, which is a plus!

Star Wars Tally: 0 times


My Christmas break started a little early with a quick family trip to the Greenbrier, a historic resort in the West Virginia mountains, the weekend before Christmas. I came back to the office and worked for a couple of days, and then my break began in earnest. I spent a lot of time with my family—we saw Star Wars, ate a lot of good food, and did some shopping. I also started a new knitting project, dressed my dogs in their holiday best, and spent New Year’s Eve with friends.

Star Wars Tally: 1 time


I spent a good chunk of time back home in Memphis. It was a very low-key holiday as I watched movies with my parents and taught them how to use their gifts. The rest of my time was spent unwinding and relaxing.

Star Wars Tally: 0 times


I was able to do a variety of things during my time off. For Christmas this year, my wife’s family came to us, and it was a good time with family. In the breaks between the rain, I had the chance to go hiking on the Enterprise South Nature Park trails and the Chickamauga Battlefield trails. I also had a chance to let my inner chef come out with several exotic meals that were experiments with Asian cooking and used fresh ingredients to make my sauces. I also read portions of several good books, as I couldn’t settle on a single one this time. Overall, it was a great time to relax, explore, and recharge.

Star Wars Tally: 1 time


My wife and I went up to Ohio for Christmas to spend time with her family. While up there, we saw Star Wars (twice!). Near the end of the break, I celebrated my 30th birthday as well.

Star Wars Tally: 2 times


I hung out with my family for a lot of the break but managed to go to some pro football games with Nicole. I ended up staying in Nashville for a couple of days to visit her family as well. I also celebrated the New year by dressing super snazzy which I almost never do.

Star Wars Tally: 3 times


Over the break, I spent time with friends and family. I saw Star Wars THREE times! Oh, and I finished my year-long illustration project.

Star Wars Tally: 3 times