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Do I Need A CDN?

SEOOptimizationWeb Design & Development

Slow load times can cause visitors to bounce from your website and push you down the Google search page. Learn the ins and outs of a content delivery network and if it's the right solution to help you speed up your site.

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Brutal Web Design

Brutalism in Web: What We Used to Call Bad

In our creative process, web designers have a lot to think about. We start out with several ideas, research current trends, and collaborate with others to try to solve problems before they start. But the newest trend in web throws all that out the window.

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It’s Not You… It’s Your Website


Not seeing the results you hoped for online? It might be time for a website audit. Join us for a free brown bag lunch session with The Chattery to learn how!

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The Chattanooga Chamber is a winner - and that makes us all winners, right?

Papercut Projects

Congrats to the Chattanooga Chamber for winning Chamber of the Year and an Award for Communications Excellence for the new Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership website!

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Make a Mark Chattanooga

Are You Going To Make a Mark with Me?

Just for Fun

There's one week left for makers to submit an application for the September event!

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Arabic Typography Blog Image

Type Foundry of the Month: Arabic Typography

Web Design & Development

This month, we're delving into how history, technology and Western type techniques have affected Arabic typography so far and what the future may hold.

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Choosing a Host Blog Image

Your Website Needs a Home

Web Design & Development

Let Michael act as your digital realtor to help you find your dream website host.

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Suitcase Type Foundry Blog Image

Type Foundry of the Month: Suitcase Type

Web Design & Development

Pack your bags! We're headed to the Czech Republic to explore the innovative simplicity that has established Suitcase as the go-to type foundry for front cover fonts!

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Google Crawl Budget Blog Image

Even Google Has a (Crawl) Budget


Earlier this year, Google revealed details of its crawl budget for websites. Read on for Amanda's explanation of what that is and tips for ensuring your site will be crawled often and efficiently!

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Does Your Site Need An SSL?

Do You Need an SSL?

SEOOptimizationWeb Design & Development

Wondering whether a secure certificate is a necessary addition to your site? Read on as Michael weighs the pros and cons to help you decide!

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CHADev Ben

CHADev Recap: Why UX Matters to Backend Development

Web Design & DevelopmentEvents

Last Thursday, Ben spoke at the Edney's CHADev event! In this week's post, he retells why UX is so essential to backend code and development.

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Village Foundry

Type Foundry of the Month: Village

Web Design & Development

May's featured foundry is Village. Known for their expressiveness and quirk, Village fonts have been inspiring our designers!

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User Experience and The Customer’s Journey

Web Design & Development

User Experience means much more than site usability. Tony explains its bigger influence on the customer's overall journey.

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